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Be careful, scammers are still targeting Ardee Home & Business phone users

Be careful, scammers are still targeting Ardee Home & Business  phone users

PC Doctor Ardee Scam Alert

[pullquote]We have received over a dozen calls from customers who were contacted and one local business who has lost access to a PC , and quite a substantial cost to recover from this scam.[/pullquote]

PEOPLE ACROSS THE country are still being targeted by a scam operating out of India in which hackers pretend to be technical support and convince their victims to allow them remote access to their computer.


The caller will typically say they know there’s a problem with your computer and they can sort it for you. This is all a scam to get access to your computer and or your credit card details!


The man who answered pretended he was technical support for a Eircom which is now “EIR”.  A very brief conversation ensued, in which he stresses how urgent it was that you immediately turn on the PC,  follow his instructions on the PC you didn’t want all passwords and personal information to be vulnerable.


[pullquote]Their advice is not to engage with them at all, and definitely don’t tell them any personal or bank details over the phone.[/pullquote]

If in doubt call us to check


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